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Tuesday 20th February 2018

Hello Padel Pro Padel Season 2018

2018 WPT

The new season is coming soon! We jump into the news of the most important & international padel circuit, from Hello Padel we love to share everything related to the most wonderful racquet sport ever!

This is the official Calendar for WPT 2018. The season will start on the 20th of March in Barcelona and it will end in December with a Master Final in Madrid.

The first international tournament will take place in Sweden. “Swedish Padel Open 2018” at Bastad Padel Club (men category only) from the 23rd to the 29th of July.

Andorra one more time! The country from the Pyrenees will host the “Andorra Open” at the local arena. The event will take place from the 20th to the 26th of August.

Lisbon will host the second edition of the “Portugal Padel Masters” from the 17th to the 23rd of September. This time for men and women!

The last international tournament from 2018 it could be considered one of the biggest of the year. From the 5th to the 11th of November, the World Padel Tour is traveling ones again to Argentina for the “Buenos Aires Padel Master” which in 2017 have had more than 12.000 espectators. 

On the other hand, this year we are very excited about the new pairs...

We have the return of Juan Martin Diaz, who will pair Paquito navarro to fight for a top position

the ranking. They will start as a 3rd seeded pair.

Sanyo will play with Maxi Sanchez. They used to play together a couple of year ago. They will have 2 coahces leading the team. One is the very well known Gustavo Pratto, and the other coach will be Nito Brea.

Matías Díaz (The Warrior) and Alejandro Galán will join their power to be one of the strongest pairs of the circuit. They make us really excited since they are a mix of all the ingredient to be a top pair. Experience and youth it´s always a great combination. 

Adrián Allemandi and Fede Quiles will play together as they did at the beginning of the last

season. They will be coached by Ramiro Choya (ex coach of Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez).

Gonzalo "Godo" Díaz & Álvaro Cepero another new pair who will make us vibes.

Ramiro Moyano & Luciano Capra, a great young pair combining a left handed player and a power right handed player, will also show that they can reach the highest position.

Pablo Lijó & Maxi Grabiel are also looking to reach the top position of this WPT circuit together for the first time.

¨The Beast¨Agustín Gómez Silingo & ¨The lefty¨ Álex Ruíz will also try to give their best as a team with Rodrigo Ovide as a coach.

Juan Lebrón & Juan Cruz Belluati will be one of the youngest pair in the WPT 2018, with Severino Iezzi  as a coach.

Aday Santana & Nacho Gadea will join experience and power for the new season.

The Brazilian Marcello Jardim will partnering Agustín Tapia, a young Argentine player.

Jose García Diestro & Seba Nerone will play together and Maty Marina & German Tamame too.



Catalina Tenorio & Beatriz González

Valeria Pavon & Paula José María Martín.

Catarina Nogueira & Argentina's Delfi Brea. 

Aranza Osoro Ulrich & Nela Brito.


VIDEOS OF THE BEST 2017 POINTS by World Padel Tour


Who will carry on as a pair in the beggining of 2018?


Fernando Belasteguín & Pablo Lima 

Cristian Gutiérrez & Franco Stupaczuk 

Juani Mieres & Miguel Lamperti

Juan Tello & Federico Chingotto 

Uri Botello & Javier Ruíz 

Jordi Muñoz & Javier Escalante 

Fernando Poggi & Gabriel Reca 


Majo & Mapi Sánchez Alayeto

Gemma Triay & Lucía Sáinz

Marta Marrero & Alejandra Salazar

Marta Ortega & Ariana Sánchez

Patty Llaguno & Eli Amatriain

Victoria Iglesias & Teresa Navarro

Carolina Navarro & Cecilia Reiter

Alba Galán & Mari Carmen Villalba


WPT Catalunya Master will show us these incredible pairs in action.

From HELLO PADEL we wish the best of luck to all players and specially to the new pairs. We hope that they reach their goals, for sure all the hard training will return the success that each one deserves!

Let´s show to the world how spectacular is this sport!


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